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Pic 18 462579535Mastio & Company has been providing actionable insights and quantitative information to its clients since 1989 that helps forward-looking companies maximize business performance.
We are headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri with an additional location in Houston, Texas.
Our core business centers around conducting proprietary (single-client) and syndicated (multi-client) customer value and loyalty studies for clients on a wide range of commodity driven industries such as, but not limited to, energy, utilities, transportation, logistics, plastics and chemicals.
Mastio also provides a full range of data driven consultative solutions dealing with a client’s markets, customers, products/services, competitors and/or organization.
Mastio has extensive experience guiding successful research projects throughout the world with over 900 business-to-business industry-focused projects, over 300 clients served and currently working with several Fortune 100 companies.
The strength of a Mastio engagement is in-depth assessments that help clients reconsider established norms, eliminate internal biases, maximize their market understanding, solve problems, identify opportunities, and optimize performance.
We accomplish this by collecting data that ultimately provides actionable insights of commercial value. Mastio also has the ability to transform these insights into strategies and actions that can and will drive improvement in your business.
In short, we provide an unbiased third-party perspective into your target market and provide insights that will assist you in becoming better aligned with your target customers vs. your competitors, allowing you to win more business and increase profits.
We look forward to discussing how we collect and utilize high quality data in our core reports and in our market research practice.
For more information please contact us at 816-364-6200.

Consultative Services

Data Driven Solutions


pic 67832297Mastio assists clients when making their most important decisions by providing expertise in determining how to gather the required data and then analyzing this data to gain the advantage you need in the market place.


Mastio will provide you with market intelligence, analytical insights and consultative advice, allowing you to feel confident that you are providing the most attractive offering the market is demanding.


Our Consultative Services expertise primarily deals with Performance Improvement Issues as well as Assessment and Evaluation Issues where we deliver actionable insights that deal with:


Actionable Insights dealing with:

Mastio’s Research Solution

Performance Improvement Practice

How to effectively compete in one’s Market?

Customer Value Analysis (Benchmarking)

How to maximize customer satisfaction vs. your competition?

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

How to manage your organization to improve customer loyalty with faster and more profitable growth?

Net Promoter Score Analysis

How to maximize customer retention through proactive intervention?

Defection Intervention Program

How to maximize product quality vs. your competitors?

Product Quality Benchmarking & Analysis Program (PP100)

Assessment / Evaluation Practice

How to align your organization to your market more effectively than the competition?

Organizational Culture Evaluation & Alignment Program

How to align your brand to ensure optimal market position?

Brand Evaluation & Alignment Program

How to assess the potential for change to products or markets, new product launch or new market entry, and more?

Opportunity / Segment Assessment

How to maximize customer penetration with existing and new customer segments?

Source of Volume / Migration Analysis


Regularly Published

Multi-Client Syndicated Studies


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THE MASTIO REPORT is highly regarded as the top research product for selected business segments with the energy, plastics, and transportation / logistics industries.


Summary of our syndicated (multi-client) studies that we publish and update on a regular basis includes the following:



 Market Analysis Research Reports


Polyethylene Film Market Study - 33 separate end-use markets analyzed

Other End-Use Markets


Customer Value & Loyalty Benchmarking Reports


Energy Studies

  • Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Natural Gas Marketer 
  • Midstream Services
  • Natural Gas Producer 
  • Power Suppliers


Plastic Studies

  • PP Resin Suppliers
  • HDPE Resin Suppliers
  • LLDPE/LDPE Resin Suppliers


Transportation Studies

  • LTL US Carriers
  • LTL Canada Carriers
  • Global Freight Forwarders
  • Truckload Carriers – North America

Driving Business Improvement

Proprietary Studies


Pic 05K 479074349Mastio also conducts and has performed numerous types of proprietary research studies dealing with topics such as; assessing new opportunities (new products, technology, and/or market segments); assessing current business units, competitors, products, technology; understanding customer perceptions, needs, buying behavior, migration issues; identification of key decision variables and/or strengths and weaknesses of competitors; benchmarking / performance issues, how to effectively compete, how you compare, what needs to improve to increase business, how does your product compare to competitors; customer service monitoring; customer retention and defection; organizational culture; branding; due diligence; and source of value. Our experience also includes Tracking Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Studies, Key Account Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Marketing Effectiveness Studies, Advertising Effectiveness Studies, Strategic Positioning Studies, Market Attractiveness Studies, Focus Group Analysis, Image / Branding Surveys, Technology and Economic Assessment Studies, and Facilitating Workshops, etc.
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Mastio looks forward to discussing your needs and then presenting a research proposal that will provide the commercial and actionable insights to drive improvement in your business.

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We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your research needs, as well as design and conduct a data driven research project for you.


Working with Mastio will undoubtedly be the best research investment you will ever make. We look forward to speaking with you.


For more information please contact us at 816-364-6200.

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Mastio & Company Mission

Mastio & Company's goal is to work interactively with our clients in providing actionable, quantitative information that helps forward-looking companies maximize business performance.

Mastio & Company would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we collect customer experience metrics and utilize data in order to help you win more business.


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