Customer Satisfaction Survey Program (CSI)


Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty vs. Your Competition

Pic CSI 157418952CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) is an ongoing customer satisfaction survey program that focuses on measuring customer perceptions of how well your company delivers on certain critical success factors and dimensions of the business.
A CSI program is designed to assess how satisfied your customers are on each customer relationship factor that drives satisfaction and loyalty in relation to your key competitors on the same factors.
Mastio’s CSI program helps answer the question “How do I increase loyalty among my customer base”?
The CSI results are shown in Mastio’s Matrix of Performance Improvement (MOPI) chart which prioritizes where investments should be made to improve loyalty as well as the advantages and vulnerabilities against your key competitors.
The fact is dissatisfied customers are more likely to leave a brand. So, a low CSI score or dissatisfaction with certain attributes can be an early defection warning.
This emphasizes the importance to monitor and improve upon the factors that matter to customers.
If you desire an easy way to track performance in achieving customer relationship goals, this is a research program you should include.
Actionable Insight(s) Why Conduct This Type of Research Outcome(s) To Be Expected

How satisfied are your customers with your products/services?

    YOU LEARN for example


  • How customers perceive your performance on the key satisfaction and loyalty factors vs. competitors?
  • The percentage of your customers most likely to defect at the next buying opportunity (plus an approximate amount of defection dollars in play)?
  • Which performance/service factors are most important to your customers (MUST FIXES for you)?
  • What is the priority of other performance/service factors?
  • Where can I invest in customer satisfaction most efficiently?
Maximizing Customer Satisfaction on the key customer service elements increases share of wallet and loyalty

Establishment of a formal process to monitor key customer service and accelerate improvement which will lead to an increase in retention and sales  


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