Defection Intervention Program


Have you quantified what customer defection is costing you?

Are you proactively monitoring the factors that cause customers to defect from your company?

shutterstock 240715291bThe average company’s defection rate is 20-25% per year; thus, millions of dollars are in play each year for most companies.
Defection Intervention research identifies the 2-3 factors that highly influence your customers to either: (1) stop doing business with you completely; or (2) move a substantial amount of their business to a competitor.
By monitoring these factors directly, you will be able to “intervene” and “save” approximately 40-50% of dissatisfied customers from defecting.
Implementing a monitoring and intervention program is key because empirical evidence shows that over 90% of dissatisfied customers leave a supplier without saying a word.
The benefit of Mastio’s program is that you will be able to salvage millions of dollars of business.
If you desire to increase customer retention and customer share-of-wallet, this is a performance improvement/best practices program you should incorporate into the daily management of your business.
Actionable Insight(s) Why Conduct This Type of Research Outcome(s) To Be Expected

How to maximize customer retention through intervention?

    YOU LEARN for example


  • What are the primary factors that drive defection with your customers?”
  • How should “defection factor” complaints come into your organization?
  • How should your organization monitor and intervene with these complaints?
  • How should your organization resolve dissatisfaction on the defection factor(s)?
  • How much is defection costing your organization each year?

Active Customer Intervention with dissatisfied customers, retains customers and increases profits and makes intervened customers more loyal


40-50% of dissatisfied customers can be saved


And Implementation of a formal process to intervene with dissatisfied customers before it is too late; thus, increasing customer retention, loyalty and profits


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