PE Film Market Study 11th Edition Overview

pic 182767002MASTIO published the 11th Edition of the Polyethylene Film Market Study in March 2020.  
The primary PE resin utilized in the new report was LLDPE with approximately 61.0% of total PE film resin consumption.  HDPE resin represents approximately 18.0% of total PE film resin consumption.  LDPE resin represents approximately 18.0% of total PE film resin consumption.  Various other resins represent the balance of 3.0% of the total PE film resin consumption.  
This study profiles 33 PE Film Markets.  In-depth coverage for each market is provided on the following topics:
  • Market size by total resin consumption and by resin type.
  • Major processors and their locations.
  • Primary products manufactured by these major processors.
  • Total resin consumption and growth rates for each PE film extruder by market/chapter.
  • Value-in-use analysis depicting the average selling price, which includes the margin, overhead and other costs related to manufacturing the various products.
  • Detailed information on the factors that affect the growth or decline of each market provided in Excel spreadsheets by market/chapter. (i.e. economy, material substitution, government regulations, environmental issues, technological trends, imports, shift of production from USA to foreign countries, mergers & acquisitions, NAFTA and other world trade issues, etc.)
  • Growth rate comparison between the anticipated market growth and the anticipated processor growth per end-use markets.  Where there is a difference, there will be qualitative data explaining the difference.
  • 2019 capacity utilization and projected capacity utilization in 2020.
  • What are the favorite resin(s) you use for polyethylene film extrusion?  Who supplies the resin and why is it a favorite?
  • What is your involvement in the solutions for sustainability within your organization?

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