Organizational Culture Evaluation & Alignment Program


Are the values, beliefs and practices of your organization optimally aligned?

shutterstock 472352851bOften, organizational culture is implied but not expressly defined.
A company’s culture is its basic personality, the essence of how its people interact and work and the pattern of behavior that determines how things get done in the organization.
Differences between groups and/or deficiencies compared to successful similar cultures often produce sub-optimal results for the organization.
Performing an assessment of one’s Organizational Culture will determine how aligned your company’s shared assumptions, values and beliefs, practices and systems are to an optimal organization.
Mastio’s approach to Organizational Culture will examine the organization’s view of twelve (12) separate but important culture elements across functional areas such as marketing, accounting, etc.
In addition, all levels of management (top versus middle versus entry level) should be examined. Company scores are then compared to a composite of successful organizations with similar cultures to understand where deficiencies exist.
If you desire to ensure your company’s Culture is an asset and not a liability, this is a program that will ensure you are optimizing your business performance.
Actionable Insight(s) Why Conduct This Type of Research Outcome(s) To Be Expected

Are the values, beliefs and practices of your organization optimally aligned to your market and competition?

YOU LEARN for example


  • What are the assumptions, values and beliefs that govern how your organization performs?
  • What is the pattern of encouragement and support for initiative taking in the organization?
  • Has the organizational strategy been communicated to appropriate management levels?
  • How much emphasis is placed on individual accountability for clearly defined results?
  • To what extent is the incentive plan tied to performance?
  • What is the organization’s belief regarding how it should monitor, behave and react to those organizations attempting to attract and service the same customers?
  • How does the organization utilize technology to improve: (1) information flow/analysis and/or (2) organizational operations?
Market Driven cultures typically dominate industries by ensuring you are optimally aligned to your value proposition

Profile of your culture compared to both similar and market driven culture norms


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