Brand Evaluation & Alignment Program


Is your brand aligned to ensure optimal market penetration?

pic 471497222bPrimary and secondary research is captured to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and key competitive brands with the key channel members, including an analysis of brands and key competitor’s pricing, channels and manufacturing efficiencies.
Trend analysis to track the major macro-environmental (global) and micro-environmental (economic, social, technological and demographic) forces affecting the brand and the industry for next 10 years is collected.
Primary qualitative and quantitative research is conducted to develop segments based on attitudes, needs and usage of consumers along with key purchase drivers and influencers.
The research results in a BRAND DFP (Desired Future Position).
If you desire to ensure your brand is aligned with customer expectations and needs, this is definitely an assessment you should periodically conduct to optimize business performance.
Actionable Insight(s) Why Conduct This Type of Research Outcome(s) To Be Expected

Is your brand properly positioned in the market? Are there channel opportunities not being optimized?   


YOU LEARN for example

  • Consumer brand perceptions and segmentation.
  • Current brand/product position.
  • Consumer segments to target.
  • Competitive brand analysis - strengths & weaknesses relative to competition.
  • Channel opportunities / Channel optimization.
  • Price elasticity model(s).
  • Global trends plus macro and micro-environmental, economic, social demographic and technological.
  • Investments needed to reposition.

To improve brand position and/or realign brand in the market


Better segment positioning increases profitability and market penetration/share

Brand DFP 

(Desired Future Position)


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