Other End-Use Markets


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Adhesives Dairy Containers Intermediate Bulk Containers Pouches
Aerospace Deli Bags Juice Bottles Power Tools
Agricultural Chemical Containers Deli Wrap Juvenile And Adult Hygiene Films Preforms
Agricultural Films Diaper Film Labels Produce Bags
Agricultural Products Dishes, Cups, And Bowls Laminating Films Produce Baskets
Appliances Disposable Cups, Plates, & Bowls Laundry, Dry Cleaning, And Garment Bags Produce Films
Automotive Exterior Parts Disposable Cutlery Lawn And Garden Products Protective Masking Film
Automotive Fluids Packaging Disposable Utensils Leisure Products Rack And Counter Bags
Automotive Interior Parts Drainage Pipe Lids, Caps, Closures, And Overcaps Radio, TV, And Stereo Cabinets
Automotive Parts Drop Cloths, Tarps, And Covers Lighting Radio, TV, And Stereo Components
Automotive Under The Hood Drum Liners Liners Recreation, Leisure & Sporting Goods Products
Bag-In-Box Packaging Drums Liquid Food Bottles Recreational Vehicles
Bags Dry Food Containers Loosefill Packaging Refrigerators And Freezers
Bags On A Roll Egg Cartons Luggage Retail Bags
Baked Goods Packaging Envelopes Magazine Overwrap Reusable Cups, Plates, And Bowls
Base Cups Extrusion Magnetic/Optical Media Packaging Reusable Medical Devices
Battery Cases Extrusion Coating Material Handling Products Rigid Packaging
Billets Fibers And Filaments Meat And Poultry Packaging Rotomolding
Blister Packaging Film Media Packaging Sacks
Blow Molding Fittings Medical Devices Self-Serve And Wet-Pack Bags
Blown Film Flatware And Cutlery Medical Film Sheet And Tubing
Boil-In Bags Flooring Medical Packaging Shrink Film
Bottles Foam Packaging Merchandise Bags Shrink Packaging
Bowls Foamed Sheet Metalizing Shrink Wrap
Bubble Packaging Food Packaging Miscellaneous Industrial/Comm. Components Slit Film
Building And Construction Food Service Mobile Homes Slug Wrap
Bulk Sacks Food-stock Trays Monofilament Small Appliances
Business Machines & Equipment Footwear Components Motor Oil Bottles Snack Food Packaging
Calendaring Fresh Produce Bags Multi-wall Film Soft Drink Bottles, Containers, And Caps
Can Liners Frozen Food Packaging Multi-Wall Sacks Strapping
Candy Packaging Fuel Tanks Newspaper Bags Stretch Film
Caps And Closures Furnishings Non-Carbonated Beverage Bottles & Containers Tape
Carpet Furniture Non-food Telecommunications Parts
Carryout Bags Gas Distribution Pipe Nonwoven Disposables Telephone Handsets
Carton Liners Gas Tanks Novelties Textile Bags
Cases Gasoline Containers Office Equipment Textiles
Cassettes Geomembrane Lining Systems Office Products Thermoforming
Cast Film Grocery Sacks Oriented Film And Sheet Tight Head Pails
Cheese Packaging Hardware Outdoor Furniture Toilet Seats
Closures Healthcare Packaging Packaging Dispensers Totes
Coating Heavy Duty Bags & Shipping Sacks Packaging Film Toys
Coextruded Film HIC Bottles Pails Transportation
Computer Parts Highway Safety Barrels Paint And Paint-Related Products/ Containers Trash Bags
Construction Film Hinged Containers Pallet Shrink Wrap Trash Liners
Consumer Electronics Household Bags Pallets Travel Accessories
Consumer Food Containers Household Chemicals Paper And Personal Care Overwrap Truck Bed Liners
Consumer Lighting Household Wraps Paper Coating Tubs And Containers
Consumer Trash Bags Housewares Personal Care Packaging Tumblers And Glasses
Containers Ice Bags Pet Cases Unoriented Film
Corrugated Pipe Industrial Chemicals Pharmaceutical Packaging Vending And Portion Cups
Corrugated Sheet Industrial Drums Pharmaceutical Vials And Containers Vinyl Siding
Cosmetic Packaging Industrial Liners Photographic Film Vinyl Windows And Doors
Crates And Totes Industrial/Sewer Pipe Pipe And Conduit Water Bottles
Cross-Laminated Film Information Storage Pipe Fittings And Components Wire And Cable
Cups Injection Blow Molding Plastic Lumber  
Custom Bottles Injection Molding Plates And Bowls  
Dairy Bottles Institutional Trash Bags Plumbing Parts  


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