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Canadian LTL Study 7th Edition – 2019


Mastio & Company is pleased to present the findings of our 7th Edition Canadian LTL Customer Value & Loyalty Study.  This study identifies and quantifies the perceptions and needs of less-than-truckload customers.  The 2019 study findings are based on interviews with 990 customers providing approximately 2,600 total observations.  There were approximately 350 companies rated of which 47 had a sufficient number of ratings to be included in this 2019 report.  The electronic edition allows the inclusion of all rated companies for additional analysis. 


The 2019 study also includes approximately 5,000 qualitative responses to several open-ended questions about individual companies.  The data was collected by telephone interviews with key decision makers beginning in April and ending in early June of 2019.

Subscribers to MASTIO’s Canadian LTL Carrier’s Benchmarking Study learn customer perceptions of Carrier Performance, Value, and Loyalty by a multitude of data segmentations (i.e. geographic, number of shipments, vertical, etc.) that will specifically answer questions such as,
1. How do shippers make their purchase decisions? What factors are the most important drivers of shippers’ perceptions of overall value and loyalty? What key buying factors (attributes) do shippers consider to be the most important when selecting between carriers both from a stated and derived basis? The key buying factors will be classified as a Baseline Requirement, Conscious Differentiator, Latent Differentiator or Low Impact Factor to make it easier to understand what is really most important to shippers.
2. What are the factors that lead to defection? What are the factors that result in retention - greater share of the wallet? This is a further refinement of the customer needs mentioned above where the key buying factors will be prioritized regarding defection. Thus, subsequent monitoring systems can be established after the proposed study to track and respond in real time to mitigate defection. Note: most defection is partial.
3. How do shippers perceive your overall value and loyalty relative to key competitors? How competitive is your position in the marketplace? Where do you and your competitors fall on a value map - inferior, economy, superior, or premium position? Who should be losing or gaining market share? What are the biggest drivers of you and your competitors’ position? What is required to change your position?
4. Additionally, how do shippers perceive your performance on the key buying factors? What do shippers perceive as strengths and weaknesses relative to key competitors? Which factors should you target for improvement? Which factors will have the greatest impact on your ability to win and retain more business? What factors should be emphasized in marketing communications that will resonate with shippers?
5. How large a role does price play in the purchasing decision? What performance factors will allow a premium?
6. Which carriers are the most vulnerable and which are strongest in their ability to gain and retain customers? How do shippers perceive the performance of competitors on the key buying factors? How do you use this knowledge to have a direct impact on your growth and profits?

Carriers included in the Canadian LTL Study



APPS Transport

Armour Transportation

B&R - Eckel's Transport

Bandstra Transportation



Canadian Freightways

Cardinal Couriers

CCT Canada

Clarke Transport

Comox Pacific Express

Consolidated Fastfrate

DanFoss Couriers

Day & Ross

Dicom Freight

FedEx Freight

Gardewine North

Grimshaw Trucking

Guilbalt Group

Hercules Freight

Hi-Way 9 Express

Jay's Transport

Kindersley Transport

Loomis Express

Manitoulin Transport

Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines

Midland Transport

Minimax Express


Old Dominion

Overland West Freight Lines

Polaris Transport Carriers

Purolator Freight

Quik X Transportation

Robert Transport

Rosedale Transport Ltd.

Rosenau Transport

Speedy Transport

Trans X

TST Overland Express

UPS Freight

Van-Kam Freightways

Vitran Express

XPO Logistics


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PP Customer Value Overview 2018 Edition

MASTIO published its 2018 Polypropylene Customer Value & Loyalty Study in December 2018. This study identifies and quantifies the perceptions and needs of polypropylene resin customers. The 2018 PP study findings are based on interviews with 167 customers providing over 360 total observations.
The 2018 study also includes thousands of qualitative responses to twelve (12) open-ended questions about polypropylene resin suppliers. The data was collected by telephone interviews with key decision makers during the months of August through November of 2018.

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Global Freight 5th Edition Overview

MASTIO recently published its 5th Edition Global Freight Forwarder Customer Value & Loyalty Study in July 2016. This study identifies and quantifies the perceptions and needs of companies throughout the world who utilize Global Freight Forwarders. The 2016 study findings are based on interviews with 1,649 air and ocean customers providing over 3,200 total observations. Interviews were conducted in North and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. There were 100’s of Freight Forwarders rated of which 33 had a sufficient number of ratings to be included in this 2016 report. The data was collected by telephone interviews with key decision makers beginning in late March and concluding in June of 2016.

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