Ensure Peak Business Performance Versus Competitors With Leading Customer Experience Analytics

Mastio gives your organization actionable insights around your most valuable resource – your customers. By collecting customer experience research and conducting specific market studies, we provide rock-solid, unbiased data that maximizes your market knowledge and helps you gain a competitive edge.

We show you what matters most to your customers – and how you can leverage it.

We Work With World-Leading Brands Across Multiple Sectors

Cutting-Edge Customer Experience Research

Mastio Provides Answers To Questions Like…

How do your customers make their purchase decisions and what does that mean for you?

What drives customer perceptions of overall value and loyalty – and how do you perform versus competitors?

What are your specific strengths and weaknesses versus each of your competitors?

How big of a role does the price of your product or service play in your customers’ purchasing decisions?

Are your competitors vulnerable or stronger than you in customer retention and acquisition?

What changes can you make to improve your position in the market versus your competitors?

What percentage of your customers are most likely to defect and how can you stop it from happening?

What are the factors in your industry – specifically your company – that lead to customer defection?

How can you quickly, efficiently and consistently reduce your customer defection by up to 50%?

Accelerate Profitable Growth Through Customer Insights

At Mastio, it’s our mission to deliver in-depth studies and surveys that give you an intimate understanding of customer perception in your marketplace. Why? So you can spot and solve existing problems or weaknesses, identify new opportunities, exploit competitors’ flaws and optimize performance to win and retain more business.

Our Services

Mastio’s core business centers around conducting proprietary (single-client) and syndicated (multi-client) customer value and loyalty studies – detailed assessments that lift the hood of your and competitors’ business to drive profitable growth. We bridge the gap between data collection, interpretation, action planning and a successful implementation strategy.

Data Collection

Customer perception research via email - and in-depth telephone interviews with executives who influence which supplier a company uses in any given sector

Comprehensive Approach

Company-specific assessments that deliver actionable insights and unbiased data to align your organization to target customers better than competitors

Proven Methodologies

Analysis techniques like CVA and NPS have a strong correlation to financial performance, like growth rate, market share and profitability of your competitors

Studies By Sector

We conduct ongoing research in several sectors – transportation, plastics and energy – regularly publishing new, updated studies to aid your development. If you see your industry and area of expertise below, we have a study relevant to you! We also have extensive experience in various commodity-driven B2B spaces, such as chemicals, manufacturing and service industries.


Natural Gas Pipelines
Natural Gas Marketers
Midstream Services
Natural Gas Producers
Power Marketers
Electric Utilities


Resin Suppliers
Polyethylene Film Markets
Injection Molding Markets

Transportation & Logistics

LTL Freight Carriers (USA)
LTL Freight Carriers (CAN)
Truckload Freight
Global Freight Forwarders
Customs Brokerage
Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Our Programs

Mastio delivers comprehensive assessments that help you reconsider established norms, eliminate internal biases, and maximize your understanding of your competitors and the market. Research is tailored to your organization and its specific circumstances – and our team has the ability to convert detailed data into actionable insights of commercial value.

Customer Experience

Program using two proven methodologies - Net Promoter Score Analysis (NPS) and
Customer Value Analysis (CVA) - to improve business performance faster than your competitors.

Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty

Survey program measuring customer perceptions of how well your company delivers on critical success factors, comparing performance to competitors to retain and attract new customers.


Research that could save up to 50% of customers from defecting by identifying factors that influence them to stop doing business with you or move a share of their business to a competitor.

Product Quality

Breakdown of product quality versus your competitors, delivering information on problems experienced per 100 products (PP100) and how to maximize repeat purchase opportunities.

Brand Evaluation & Alignment

Detailed report demonstrating the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and competitors, including an analysis of pricing, channels, and any manufacturing efficiencies.

Organizational Culture

Examination of your essential cultural elements across all organizational units, providing a company score that can be compared against companies of your choice to identify deficiencies.

Why Choose Mastio?

Extensive Experience

For over 35 years, Mastio has been at the forefront of customer experience research, delivering unbiased data and actionable insights.

Proven Track Record

Our stellar reputation covers over 300 companies and 900 projects - collaborating with Fortune 100 and 500 companies in various industries.

Superior Analytical Tools

We have easy-to-use proprietary tools to segment and analyze large amounts of data that supports exploration and analysis of study results by relevant demographics.

Customer Service

To us, you’re not just a number on a spreadsheet. We pride ourselves on service - and our team works with you directly throughout our engagement.

Improve Business Performance With a Deep Understanding of Your Company, Customers & Competitors

Mastio helps you better align with your target audience and take great strides to outperform your competitors. If you’re ready to win and retain more business by understanding your customer and competitors – we’d love to hear from you.


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