Build a Rock-Solid Base of Loyal, Satisfied Customers

Mastio’s customer satisfaction and loyalty program is the perfect solution for assessing how satisfied customers are with certain critical factors versus competitors. Using CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) we give an early warning for defection and ensure you always deliver for your customers.

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Neglecting Your Customers Means Neglecting Your Business

Did you know that 37% of people say they make five purchases before committing to a brand? Or that 48% of customers dropped a brand in 2022 because of poor customer service? It shows dissatisfied customers are more likely to leave a supplier.

Industry leaders constantly monitor progress against customer expectations and competitors to see if they attract and retain customers. So, to avoid defection, exploring customer satisfaction and loyalty with Mastio is essential.

Introducing Mastio’s Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Survey Program

Mastio’s Customer Satisfaction research uses a Customer Satisfaction Index and a Net Promoter Score to measure customer perceptions of how well your company delivers on certain critical success factors and dimensions of the business.

As part of the program, you’ll receive a Matrix of Performance Improvement (MOPI) chart, which prioritizes where investments should be made to improve loyalty and the advantages and vulnerabilities against your key competitors.

Key Methodologies

Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) combines customer survey scores from various aspects of your business - such as product quality, price, communication, service and others - to give you a clearer idea of overall customer satisfaction. 

Using a six-point scale, customers are asked to rate their satisfaction across your chosen attributes - with 1 representing 100% and 6 representing 0% satisfaction - which is then divided by the number of attributes, giving your organization’s final CSI.

Mastio research determines which individual areas significantly affect your customers’ satisfaction and enables comparison with competitive products or companies - ideal if you’re looking to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS), like CVA, strongly correlates with a company's financial performance. Empirical data shows that the Net Promoter leader has twice the growth rate versus competition in most industries.

NPS is a powerful predictor of customer loyalty and business growth that allows you to dial in on the factors that matter most to customers. It can be used to distinguish 'a dollar of good profit’ from a ‘dollar of bad profit.’

A Mastio study offers an NPS for you and each significant competitor within your market. If you score well, you can expect to outperform similar companies - as customers classed as ‘promoters’ buy more and stay longer.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

With this program, we’ll work closely with you to establish and implement a formal process for accelerating improvement across key customer service metrics. The result? More loyalty, stronger customer retention and greater revenue.
  • Your performance on satisfaction and loyalty factors versus competitors
  • The percentage of customers likely to defect at the next buying opportunity
  • Which performance factors are most important to your customers
  • The priority of other performance or service factors
  • Where you can invest in customer experience most efficiently

Why Choose Mastio?

Extensive Experience

For over 35 years, Mastio has been at the forefront of customer experience research, delivering unbiased data and actionable insights.

Proven Track Record

Our stellar reputation covers over 300 companies and 900 projects - collaborating with Fortune 100 and 500 companies in various industries.

Superior Analytical Tools

We have easy-to-use proprietary tools to segment and analyze large amounts of data that supports exploration and analysis of study results by relevant demographics.

Customer Service

To us, you’re not just a number on a spreadsheet. We pride ourselves on service - and our team works with you directly throughout our engagement.

Improve Business Performance With a Deep Understanding of Your Company, Customers & Competitors

Mastio helps you better align with your target audience and take great strides to outperform your competitors. If you’re ready to win and retain more business by understanding your customer and competitors – we’d love to hear from you.


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