Freight Forwarders - Gain a Measurable Competitive Advantage

Mastio’s Air & Ocean Global Freight Forwarding Customer Value Study (2022) gives your business much-needed insight into shippers’ perceptions and needs. Using CVA and NPS, we reveal performance versus competitors and identify target areas to prevent customer defection, accelerate growth, and increase margin.

Freight Forwarders - Gain a Measurable Competitive Advantage

We Deliver a Detailed Analysis On These Freight Forwarders

Bollore LogisticsC.H. RobinsonCEVA LogisticsCMA CGM
Concordia InternationalDB Schenker LogisticsDHL Global ForwardingDSV
ExpeditorsFedEx Trade NetworksFlexportGeodis
Hapag LloydHellmannJASKuehne & Nagel
Maersk LogisticsMainfreight LimitedMSCNippon Express
NYK LinePilotUPS SCSYusen
Bollore LogisticsC.H. Robinson
Concordia InternationalDB Schenker Logistics
ExpeditorsFedEx Trade Networks
Hapag LloydHellmann
Maersk LogisticsMainfreight Limited
NYK LinePilot
DHL Global ForwardingDSV
JASKuehne & Nagel
MSCNippon Express

*View the full list of 500 companies rated as part of the study

Study Overview

Findings from Mastio’s 8th edition of the Global Freight Forwarding study are based on interviews with 939 customers – providing 3,000+ observations that will help your business ensure peak business performance versus competitors.

Conducted with key decision-makers between March and July 2022, Mastio analysis  gives deep insight into air and ocean freight forwarders and delivers approximately 2,700 qualitative responses to five open-ended questions about individual companies:

What do you feel is the most significant challenge when using air and ocean freight forwarders and why?

Excluding price, describe the biggest disappointment you’ve experienced with each of your service providers in the last 12 months?

Are there any freight forwarders you tend to avoid using?

Consider all the elements of your relationship with your current freight forwarder – what’s the most dissatisfying action they can do?

Do you use a customs broker to clear your freight? Who do you use and why?

Try Before You Buy

View Sample Exhibits From Our 2018 Study

To understand more about the study – and the types of analyses that can be performed on collected data – take a look at our previous edition of the Global Freight Forwarding study. This demonstrates sample exhibits including the customer value map, competitive profile, head-to-head comparisons, importance of factors to customers, and a stated versus derived decision matrix.

Customer Value Map

Competitive Profile

Head-to Head Comparisons

Importance of Factors to Customers

Decision Matrix Stated vs Derived

Key Methodologies

Customer Value Analysis

Customer Value Analysis (CVA) is a proven methodology for determining how to compete more effectively in your market versus competitors. It provides clarity as to why customers choose one supplier as opposed to another in your space.

It states that customers base their purchase decision on which supplier provides the best-perceived value. So, understanding the selection factors customers use and how suppliers perform on these factors allows you to accelerate profitable growth.

CVA results through Mastio research highlight all the critical price and non-price factors that impact customers’ purchase decisions - including a breakdown of their importance and your performance with each one versus your competitors.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS), like CVA, strongly correlates with a company’s financial performance. Empirical data shows that the Net Promoter leader has twice the growth rate versus competition in most industries.

NPS is a powerful predictor of customer loyalty and business growth, allowing you to dial in on the factors that matter most to customers. It can distinguish ’a dollar of good profit’ from a ‘dollar of bad profit.’

A Mastio study offers an NPS for you and each significant competitor within your market. If you score well, you can expect to outperform similar companies - as customers classed as ‘promoters’ buy more and stay longer.

List of Deliverables

Here’s What You Get With a Mastio Study…

  1. Comprehensive printed report of the full study
  2. Proprietary segmentation analysis tool to segment data by region, volume, strategic importance and more to view your performance vs competitors
  3. Raw data in Excel with questions answered by each study respondent
  4. Ability to group study respondents by profitability, strategic importance, volume and even the person responsible for the account in your organization
  5. In-person presentation of study findings
  6. PowerPoint summary of study deliverables, key insights and actions to take
  7. Training, knowledge transfer and ongoing support

If you’re interested, please reach out to our team. Specific data cuts from the study are available – and we’d be happy to arrange a solution to fit your needs.

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Our stellar reputation covers over 300 companies and 900 projects - collaborating with Fortune 100 and 500 companies in various industries.

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We have easy-to-use proprietary tools to segment and analyze large amounts of data that supports exploration and analysis of study results by relevant demographics.

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To us, you’re not just a number on a spreadsheet. We pride ourselves on service - and our team works with you directly throughout our engagement.

Improve Business Performance With a Deep Understanding of Your Company, Customers & Competitors

Mastio helps you better align with your target audience and take great strides to outperform your competitors. If you’re ready to win and retain more business by understanding your customer and competitors – we’d love to hear from you.


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